The CASH2 software had what appears to be a bug and failed to store some of our wallet keys on disk (i.e. some keys were on memory and not on disk). After an unexpected reboot on September 19th, those keys were lost. Funds on those addresses are now inaccessible. We expect these funds to be accessible in the future through some kind of hard fork or some other technical maneuver.


On September 19th the wallet software of CASH2 crashed. Upon restart, some of the keys containing user funds were missing from the wallet. It appears that those keys were only kept in memory and were never saved on disk. We checked older backups and none of them contained these keys. It is unknown why some keys were stored on disk and some other keys were not.

Since some CASH2 wallet keys are missing, a sizable portion of user funds are locked and not accessible to us. The CASH2 team was immediately contacted for assistance. There are several ways that these funds can be recovered. For example, CASH2 can be hard-forked to either move those funds out of those addresses or to create new coins that replace the inaccessible coins.

Initially users with CASH2 balance in SouthXchange will only be able to access part of their funds. The rest will be accessible only if and when coins are recovered.

We are sorry for this situation!

NOTE: Some users believe that our wallet files became corrupted. This is NOT the case. Our wallet files do NOT appear to be corrupt. The problem seem to be that the CASH2 wallet kept the lost keys in memory only and never on disk. Upon restart, those keys were lost.